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Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving to a new server!

After a few weeks of inconsistent performance we are moving to a new server. What this means for you:

Tuesday evening at about 9 pm BBC will go offline. We will be changing name servers at that time. (not actually offline.. we will replace the current pages with the helicopter game... play it, its awesome.)
Starting at 9 we will feverishly move all the data from the old server to the new server.
The new name server information will propagate throughout the internets at whatever pace that sort of thing occurs. Eventually it'll get to your ISP.
When the new information gets to your ISP you will get BBC on the new server when you type instead of the helicopter game. I would expect that by Thursday morning everyone will be pointing at the new server.

All of your account information will be moved. If you are a registered user your shopping cart should move too.

Email me with any questions.


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