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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Specials Section at BBC.

Okay.. so I'm kind of a dork/incompetent scatterbrain.. If there is one thing I've been really good at over the years, its setting up a new feature that requires some ongoing attention.. providing that attention for about 6 months.. then um.. getting distracted. This blog is/was a prime example. (Though I've been really good over the past few months)

That was the fate of the "Specials" section of our website. The first handful of months I put that section up I faithfully updated the Specials each Monday morning with new specials. Then.. well, focus shifted elsewhere and I forgot to go back and update the specials. I'm pretty sure the same 3 specials that never sold out sat on that page for 2 years. (perhaps they weren't that special if they never sold out) Alas, I have resurrected that dead portion of the website, and hopefully have come up with a system that will prevent this same situation from occuring again.

On my desk is a box. In that box are all the cards that currently find themselves in our specials section. If I remove a card from that box to ship to a paying customer.. I must put a new card in that box. (so, you see, the box should always have cards in it.. cards that change regularly) But wait! There's More!

In addition to this, each Sunday I will review the cards currently in the specials section. If the card has been on the specials page for a week and hasn't sold, I'm going to lower the price. I'll do this every week until the card sells. (to make sure we keep fresh new cards rotating through the specials section.) Right now there are about 10 cards in the Specials section.. I hope to increase that over the next few weeks to about 20. At that point there should ALWAYS be about 20 cards on special.

So.. um.. buy one?



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