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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Counterfeit Public Service Announcement

I saw this recently and thought it important enough to post here.

Recently there have been a lot of the 1993 BBM Ichiro rookies on ebay. More than we typically see, and because of the volume the prices have dropped. Unfortunately a lot of those hitting eBay appear to be counterfeit. I'm going to stick with "alleged" and "appear" even though, when viewing the pictures I'm pretty certain they are fake. You can make your own decisions.

I'm going to post a few images, but the work was done by "cwesley" on the message boards. He lives in Japan, and keeps an eye on these BBM rookies.


Alleged Fake:

Be very careful when purchasing these. Ask for a high res scan if you are buying online.

Influx of 1993 BBM Ichiro Cards on eBay -

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