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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Card O' The Day (or every third day) - 2001 Topps Limited 125 Ken Caminiti

Card 'O The Day volume 3. 2001 Topps Limited #125 Ken Caminiti. The random number generator still hasn't spit out a really nice card yet.. Maybe I should start fudging the numbers a bit?

2001 Topps Limited:

Topps returned to making the limited edition or "Tiffany" sets in 2000. It only lasted through 2002. Honestly I'm not sure why they stopped. Maybe it wasn't very popular. I always liked it. The cards are on thicker stock than the standard 2001 Topps and have a high gloss finish. Sadly though the high gloss finish seems to break down over time, particularly if they weren't stored in a climate controlled area. The cards were only released in complete set form in a nice cherry finished box with a metallic Topps faceplate. Each box was individually numbered. (the cards are not numbered.) There were only 3,805 sets made. Commons in the set book at $1.

Ken Caminiti:

Ken Caminiti was a star in the 90's. He played 15 seasons and was the NL MVP in 1996. He ended his career in 2001 with 239 home runs and 983 RBIs.

Caminiti was the first baseball player to publicly admit to steroid use. In 2002 he admitted to using steroids for much of the latter part of his career including his 1996 MVP season.

Caminiti had problems with drugs and alcohol. He died of a drug induced heart attack in 2004.

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