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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Card O' The Day (or every third day) - 2005 Donruss Champions 365 Alex Cintron

Card O' The Day Volume 5: 2005 Donruss Champions #365 Alex Cintron

2005 Donruss Champions

I can't say much about 2005 Donruss Champions from personal expierence. I started growing frustrated in 2004 with the mass product from Donruss that was basically the same as everything else they produced. It had a different name and design but the products were basically the same.. structure, inserts.. Long sentence, just to say, I didn't buy this. I did buy one complete set from someone, and broke that up.. thus, I have about half that set still available. The design is outright pathetic. Action photos pushed to the far left, with blank space through 2/3rds of the card. Sure it looks good when you stick a relic on the rest of the card, but the base cards shouldn't suffer so the relic parrallel's can look good.
The set was a mix set of current and retired players. A bit obnoxious in that they'd have multiple cards of the same player spread throughout the set with no apparent reasoning to who got more cards. There are 3 Adam Dunns. 4 Andres Galarragas. Only 1 ARod. I never got it. On top of that, for many cards (many many) the player would be shown in one uniform on card front, but on the card back they would feature a season in which the player played for a different team. Really, thats just dumb. Boxes of this stuff is kind of pricey ($100) but its got 8 relics/autos per box.. so there's that.

Alex Cintron

I have it in my head that Cintron has been around for decades. He's just one of those guys that seems to always be around, but never really any good. But at the same time I'm also suprised that he's still in the league. He's a middle infielder, known by most for his years with Arizona. He played for the White Sox for a couple of years. He was cut by the Cubs this spring and then signed a minor league contract with the Orioles. He's only 29... I know. Shocked.

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