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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The website is down! :(

As many of you are now aware, our website ( is unavailable at the moment, and has been for the most part unavailable since about 3 yesterday afternoon.

As best we can determine we are the victim of a DDOS attack. This is the second attack in the last 90 days. I find it odd that my site, a baseball card site, would be the target of a DDOS attack. But alas..

There are a couple of different emotions I feel on this. First, "Well, I'm pissed off Rick." (an hommage to South Park's Fat Camp) But once I've gotten over the frustration its a little bit flattering. We've become important enough to someone, somewhere that they spent the time and effort to attack us. If you are irrelevant that never happens.

So, I guess there's that. But I'm still pissed off.

An additional post will come when everything blows over. Last time it was only about a day.

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