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Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Card O' The Day (or every third day) - 1982 Topps 134 Dan Ford

Card 'O The Day Volume 4: 1982 Topps #134 Dan Ford.

1982 Topps:

1982 was the first year the Topps set contained 792 cards. This was a staple throughout my childhood. Honestly, as a kid I thought Donruss and Fleer were a bunch of hacks because their sets had 660 cards, instead of the required 792. The big card is obviously the Ripken Rookie card.. As a Ripken fan growing up the 82 Traded Ripken was the pinnacle of cards. If there was a card I dreamed of owning, but was certain I never would, it was that traded Ripken. My dad bought one when I was 8. That was when I was certain he was rich and lying to me about the whole money doesn't grow on trees thing.
There aren't any other really significant cards in the set, Terry Francona, Dave Righetti, and Lee Smith Rookie cards, and a Pascual Perez error card that doesn't show his position on the front of the card (I've never had one of these to sell, and they are fairly rare, but not impossible to find)

Dan Ford:

Dan played outfield for 11 seasons split between the Twins, Angels and Orioles. He retired after the 1985 season. His nickname was Disco. He wasn't a bad hitter. He hit 20 homeruns twice and cracked 100 RBI's once. His average hovered around .270 most of his career. I know these days we scoff at 20 homeruns and a .270 batting average, but those were respectable numbers in the early 80's. Dan hit for the cycle in 1979, and homered in the World Series for the Orioles in 1983 (man, its really been that long).

It's hard to find out where Dan is now. In 1991 he worked in the "speakers bureau" of the then Anaheim (or California, or whatever they were) Angels. If anyone knows anything more about Dan Ford let us know and we'll update this post.

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