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Friday, April 25, 2008

Anticipated downtime

UPDATE 7:00 PM 4/27:

The website is running almost as it should be. I have opened the order checkout back up so you can place orders. If you have any trouble at all please let me know.



UPDATE 2:30 PM 4/27:

Still nothing. At this point, I'm probably going to have to switch service providers. It is clear the current service provider doesn't appreciate the issues.


UPDATE 8:55 PM 4/25:

The website is back up.. Unfortunately the ASP engine is a bit askew. There are issues with the "SUM" function in SQL. Long nerd story short: the shopping cart relies on this function. You can't place an order until we get to the bottom of the mystery. I'm working on it until its fixed.


Due to the recent surge in traffic and subsequent server issues we are moving to a new server this afternoon. Some may be unable to reach the site for up to an hour. I apologize for the delay, but this should ensure that we run much more smoothly in the future.




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