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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More 2006 Topps info..

The set is a little weird. At least if you look at it through the lense of recent Topps base set issues.

First, the set is smaller. 330 cards. Previous Topps issues from the last few years have been in the 365-366 range.

Typically Series 1 has all the team managers. Series 2 has all the team cards. This year it's mixed. There are some team cards and some manager cards. Series two will have the reverse.

There is no card 297. It was supposed to be Alex Gordon. As I understand it, Alex hasn't played in an MLB game, so under the 'new' rules he wasn't allowed to be featured in the set. Small problem though.. They made a few cards... And shades of Lavar Arrington are seen in cards like this. I don't completely understand how that happens. If they can take the time to pull the card and cut out the center why not just pull the card completely.. In any event.. If you pull it, cash in.

Which brings up the real oddity. The rookie section. With baseball's new rules on rookie cards this set has a lot of cards with (RC) tags that already have rookie cards in the past. Beckett has the rookie tag on them.. MLBPA says they are rookies.. but I'll be honest. I feel a little guilty including it in my listings.
Brian Bullington is listed as a rookie.. He's had cards in sets for 3 years. Jeff Mathis, Chris Denorfia, Darrel Rasner.. Pretty much all of them have quite a few major MLBPA authorized rookie cards.
Only time will tell how collectors view these so called rookies.

Here's the full card list 2006 Topps

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mickey Mantle Home Run History..

Apparently I'm missing something.. I've opened 3 boxes of 2006 Topps. In those three boxes I have pulled 27 Mickey Mantle HRH HR #1 cards.

I have to think that someone somewhere made a mistake. This was supposed to be similar to the Barry Bonds HRH cards but they forgot to include any HR's other than #1.

27 of the same card in 3 boxes. The card is officially worthless.

2006 Topps

2006 Topps is here. It's 5:05 PM and we are opening the stuff right now.. Start checking the website for new listings.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Barry Bonds to retire after 2006 season.

He should, assuming he stays healthy, pass Ruth this season. He's made statements over the past 2 years that indicate he only cares about passing Ruth. Aaron's record isn't something he cares about. We'll see if he changes his mind, a la Clemens, at seasons end.

I'm not sure if I want him passing either player.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Huge Buy!!

We recently finished up a 700,000 card buy. The cards range from 1980 to 2001. Some are organized, but many aren't, so over the next couple of months check back in frequently to see what new cards have been listed. (The quantity count in the top right corner on BBC has increased 20,000 in the last 3 weeks alone thanks to this buy)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Upcoming releases

Upcoming releases:

2006 Topps Series 1 BB - February 22
2006 Topps Heritage BB - February 27
2006 Topps Bazooka BB - February 27
2006 Topps Opening Day BB - March 20
2006 Upper Deck Series 1 BB - March 23

2005/06 UD SP Signage BKB - March 7
2005/06 UD SP Authentic BKB - March 29

2005/06 UD Series 2 Hockey - March 10
2005/06 UD Bee Hive Hockey - March 14
2005/06 UD Ice Hockey - March 31

We'll have all the baseball on this list when they release.


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