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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1948 and 1949 Bowman!

Typically I do not like buying collections from individuals. This is mainly because the value they see in the Beckett guide and the price at which I can buy and still pay the bills are greatly different. It can be uncomfortable. Today, however, not the case.

A gentleman called asking if I was interested in 1948 and 1949 Bowman. Of course I'm interested. I've been making a concerted effort recently to stock pre-80's stuff. We have 212,000 cards on the website and barely 1,000 of them are pre-80's. I need to fix that. 1940's Bowman would be fantastic additions to the website. The guy told me he had the Musial and Slaughter from the '48 set, and the Berra from the '49 set, as well as about 15 others. He also had about 30 48 Bowman football cards. He told me they were in 'great' condition. My expectations on grade are always far lower than what I'm told on vintage. People say great, I think G-VG at best.

Man was I wrong in this case. These cards are in fantastic condition. I do not expect PSA 8 or 9 out of them (upon further consideration I've changed my mind. The card featured above I think could grade 8 or 9), but they are all clean, no creases, barely any corner wear, beautiful color, only slight aging discoloration. I was shocked.

We agreed on a price, took care of that, and spent the next hour talking about his time in the army, his 13 years working for Skybox, etc. It was great. That is what I love about the hobby. It is full of great people. Sure we had business to take care of, but if we hadn't agreed on a price I'd have still been just as happy having talked to the gentlemen for an hour.

I'm including an image of one of the cards here.. see for yourself, the card is fantastic. If interested in high res scans just send us an email.


Blogger Ryan W. said...

Would love to see your high-res 1949 Bowman scans. I'm putting together a set of 1949 Bowman cards and blogging about the experience at the same time. You can view my blog at
I think it would be a great story to purchase some cards from you and be able to link back to your blog (the power of the internets!).
Please send scans/pricelist for your NM, NM+ cards to
Hope to hear from you soon.
Ryan W.

11:24 PM


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